It's been a slow couple of weeks for nudity on the big screen, but we've got some great news for those heading out to the multiplex and the art house! The wide release flick Neighbors and the indie drama God's Pocket both open today, and both feature some great nudity!

The snobs vs slobs comedy Neighbors is partying into theaters this weekend, and features some pretty nice nudity! At the 47 minute mark, star Rose Byrne is desperate to find a milk pump for her breasts, and whips off her shirt. Now, these are more than likely prosthetics, but it's still sexy and funny!

There's also a sexy lesbian kiss between Rose andHalston Sageat the 40 minute mark, and in the film's party climax, there are a number of topless women, though they're uncredited, so we're not sure exactly who they may be. We also know that porn star Teal Conrad is in the film, and gives a sexy lapdance while dressed as a tiger! Neighbors will have you joining the home-boners association!

Hitting the art house this weekend is Mad Men star John Slattery's directorial debut, God's Pocket! While the film is getting a ton of publicity over the fact that it was one of two films that actor Philip Seymour Hoffman completed before his untimely death in February, we're more interested in how much skin is on display! The film stars Slattery's Mad Men co-star Christina Hendricks, and though she doesn't doff her duds, she does show some cleavage in a low-cut nightgown, and shows a little thigh when a guy lifts up her dress!

It's co-star Sophia Takal that steals the show with some sensational skin, however! At the 24 minute mark, we get to see her right breast as she lays in bed with Richard Jenkins, and 8 minutes later, we get a peek at her patootie when Jenkins pulls a blanket off of her! God's Pocket will keep your hand in your own pocket!