With only one skinless new film in wide release this weekend, we thought we'd take a look at some skin-filled flicks that will be celebrating milestone anniversaries in 2018. We've got some shockers—like Body of Evidence turning 25 and Barbarella turning 50!—and some that will might depress you by how old they are—bad news guys, Wild Things turns 20 this year. Let's take a look at ten flicks (and a bonus thirty more) celebrating skin-versaries in 2018!

Films Turning 5

Blue is the Warmest Color

This one's mostly remarkable because it doesn't seem like five years ago already—and technically it won't be until this fall—but who could believe the lesbian love scene of the decade was already half a decade ago?



Other notables: Wolf of Wall Street, Spring Breakers, Oldboy


Films Turning 10

The Reader

Kate Winslet finally won her Oscar ten years ago for a role where she bared a lot of skin! Thumbs up to her and the Academy for recognizing such a rack-tastic performance!



Other notables: Choke, The Wrestler, Sex Drive


Films Turning 15

In the Cut

While this role didn't bring Meg Ryan the mainstream awards attention she desired, it was an undeniably Anatomy Award worthy performance from an actress who was mostly known for wholesome comedies at the time!



Other notables: Monster, Cold Mountain, 21 Grams


Films Turning 20

Wild Things

This one hit me hard because I remember seeing this one in theaters when I was in college. I must admit I haven't seen the whole thing in full since then because, well, Mr. Skin gave us all the only thing we needed from that flick... Denise Richards and Neve Campbell!



Other notables: Shakespeare in Love, Dark City, The Big Lebowski


Films Turning 25

Body of Evidence

Arguably the best of the mainstream softcore Basic Instinct knock-offs, this was one we all wore out the VHS to a quarter of a century ago! Madonna was in her prime and bared it all on screen for posterity!



Other notables: Rising Sun, Boxing Helena, The Piano


Films Turning 30

Two Moon Junction

Another VHS classic that we all had to "ahem" adjust the tracking on was this skin flick with timeless beauty Sherilyn Fenn proving she wasn't a natural blonde!



Other notables: The Last Temptation of Christ, Working Girl, Dangerous Liaisons


Films Turning 35

Risky Business

Here's one that's sure to depress many of you, but this epic nude scene from 80s legend Rebecca De Mornay turns 35 this year!



Other notables: Videodrome, Scarface, Star 80


Films Turning 40

National Lampoon's Animal House

I think of all the shockers on the list, this one's probably going to explode the most heads out there... Bluto spied through the window of Mary Louise Weller—aka Mandy Pepperidge—forty years ago this July!



Other notables: Halloween, Midnight Express, I Spit on Your Grave


Films Turning 45

Don't Look Now

My favorite thing about this film's anniversary is that it's been 45 years and there really hasn't been a better or more explicit sex scene in any major film. Julie Christie continues to top a lot of lists nearly fifty years later!



Other notables: The Wicker Man, La Grande Bouffe, Live & Let Die


Films Turning 50


One of the greatest opening credits sequences in film history, Jane Fonda's zero g nude scene celebrates its fiftieth birthday this year!



Other notables: Romeo & Juliet, Rosemary's Baby, Stolen Kisses