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Movie 43 (2013)

Brief Nudity

Even A-list movie stars appreciate a good dick joke now and then, as shown in the ultra-raunchy sketch comedy Movie 43 (2012). The twelve comedy shorts that make up this film contain such crude delights as Anna Faris playing a coprophiliac (that's a poop fetishist, for all the non-Latin majors), Kristen Bell as a super heroine cursed with an unusually large super-snatch, Halle Berry making guacamole with her (obviously prosthetic) boobs while playing a depraved game of Truth or Dare, and Kate Winslet and Emma Stone delivering dialogue so filthy, you'll ant to wash their mouths out with soap. But all that star power can't compete with the skin power of Barbie-esque blonde Cathy Cliften, who goes full frontal as the "iBabe," an Mp3 player that also happens to be a life-sized naked woman. We'll take a gross! 

Leslie Bibb

Fake Wonder Woman

Anna Faris

Sexy - as Vanessa (segment "The Proposition")

5 Pics & 1 Clip
Beth Littleford

Nude - Body Double - as Mrs. Cutler

3 Pics & 1 Clip

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