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Money to Burn

Money to Burn (1996)

Brief Nudity
  • Directed by: John Sjogren
  • Rated: R
  • Home Release: 09/01/1998
  • Country: USA
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A security camera assists a dude in scoring a big payday in the action flick Money to Burn (1996). When parking lot security guard Kevin (Jerry Spicer) spots a man hide a suitcase in a car right before being nabbed by the police, he immediately sees dollar signs. After the coast is clear, the guard retrieves the bag from the car and discovers a shit ton of money in it. What do you do when you find a load of cash? You call your pals John and Scott (Chad McQueen and Don Swayze) to go on a shopping spree, of course. After buying cars, clothes, boats, a house, and living up the highlife, their fun quickly comes to an end when some no nonsense mobsters come looking for the money. They killed ol’ Kev, so the big time spenders now they’re next. Cutting through the horrible flick is 1993 Penthouse Pet of the Year, Julie Strain. The sexy babe manages to go full frontal, showing off her faux suck sacks and landing strip crotch. Also, thanks to skin from Ashlie Rhey, Kymberly Herrin, and Melanie Good, Money to Burn will have you making a sticky deposit!