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Mit der Liebe spielt man nicht...

Mit der Liebe spielt man nicht... (1973)

Brief Nudity


Mit der Liebe spielt man niche... (1973), or You Do Not Play with Love, is a West German romantic comedy about a pretty young woman named Lis (Johanna Liebeneiner) who is determined to woo a successful doctor friend of her brother, and make him her husband. The doctor rebuffs her advances, claiming that he is content to be a bachelor for life, so Lis does the unthinkable to get him to marry her: She claims that he got her pregnant! Johanna Liebesneiner is awfully hard for any red blooded male to resist, particularly once you get a load of her luscious lobbers! Johanna's sizable slingers can be seen in the screen caps below, both of which are taken from the same scene. Wearing nothing but some blue and white panties, Johanna shows her cheeky chesitcles to the doctor in hopes of wooing him, before putting on a red robe. How on earth he was able to say no is beyond us! You Do Not Play With Love, but feel free to play with yourself!