Yesterday we looked at sexy and timeless beauty Charlize Theron getting wet and wild in a dress, and today I'll do you one better with pics of sexy and timeless beauty Milla Jovovich in the nude! In Pop Magazine the model-turned-actress delivers some come hither poses while wearing old-timey court jester tights, but will really make you pop with a trio of terrific topless pics.

Milla has been making the rounds recently to pimp out the upcoming final (I'll believe it when I see it) installment of her Resident Evil franchise titled, well, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. With all the movies coming out over the next few months you've really got to put in the hours if you want people to take notice, OR, you can just bust out your perky nips for a magazine! I'll use my AMC Stubs points on you Milla!

The 41-year-old Ukrainian stunner was able to seamlessly transition from supermodel stardom in the early to mid 2000's to big screen sensation with her 45 Resident Evil flicks. The last time we saw Jovovich nude was in 2011's The Three Musketeers, and while Resident Evil: The Final Chapter might not SEEM like a good bet for nudity, Milla HAS bared b's in three previous Evil movies. While you wait to catch Final Chapter in January, go ahead and check out her perfect boobs in Pop Magazine! Milla will make you Blowvovich!

Via Pop