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Memoria de mis putas tristes

Memoria de mis putas tristes (2012)

Brief Nudity


A 90-year old man falls in love with a teenage prostitute in Memoria de mis putas tristes (2012). A journalist (Emilio Echevarría) who has resigned himself to being a lifelong bachelor decides to celebrate his 90th birthday by purchasing a local virgin to deflower. The owner of the brothel he frequents finds a young potential prostitute who desperately needs money to help her poor family. But when he meets with the young woman, who has been doped up due to fear, he finds himself just content to watch her sleep. Ángela Molina flaunts her funbags playing a perky prostitute during flashback sequences. But Paola Medina does her one better by presenting both her peepers and her dense lower pelt while sleeping naked. You’ll definitely get your money's worth!