In these times of uncertainty, disagreement, and vitriol, finally, we have found a cause that we can all universally get behind! The world needs better head! Better blow jobs, better pussy licking, more of it, resulting in more orgasms. Ersties, we hear you, and we are with you.

You might know them by now but Ersties are the guys who see Porn a little differently. They like to play around with their porn, resulting in some of the most truly unique porn you’re gonna find out there in the Porniverse. (Yeah, we’ve secured you guys a discount so don’t worry there).

Their latest mission was to provide the world with better head. Don’t forget, this is the site that provided a ‘teacher’ for a couple that wanted to have anal for the first time (resulting in a pretty wild anal threesome), and had one of their Ersties Girls put on a Squirting School, teaching 3 amateur ladies how to squirt. We told you, porn, done differently!

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Anyway, back their latest escapade. Gabi was the amateur girl in charge of this Oral mission. The idea was simple, put on a ‘workshop’ for 4 lucky people; 2 guys, 2 girls, on how to give better head. Of course, it was a practical lesson, so as well as picking up a few tips, you also get to watch 5 people suck, lick and fuck as if the world ends tomorrow. (Click to watch the shoot through the link at the bottom)

As Gabi explains, she has always loved both sucking dick and being eaten out. So when she asked Ersties if they wanted to let her indulge this pleasure, presumably they give her a big thumbs up followed by a ‘Fuck yeah’.

So if you like watching oral inspired orgies then, firstly, congrats on being human, and secondly, this is the shoot for you.

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