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Meet Monica Velour

Meet Monica Velour (2011)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


An aging porn star and an awkward fan strike up a friendship in Meet Monica Velour (2011). Linda Romanoli (Kim Catrall), aka Monica Velour, is a porn star whose career peaked in the early ‘80s, and Tobe (Dustin Ingram) is her biggest fan, even though he was in diapers when she was shtupping studs on screen. When Tobe hears his idol is making a personal appearance at a strip club, he hops in his hot dog truck and makes the trek to see her. But when Monica takes the stage, a group of drunks starts making fun of the aging sex symbol, leading Tobe to come to her rescue…and get punched out for his trouble. Touched by Tobe’s devotion, Monica takes him home with her, and an unexpectedly tender relationship between the nerdy high schooler and the washed-up perv-former begins. Kim Cattrall turns in a masterful performance as Monica Velour, except in one area…this “porn star” fails to shed her skivvies. Spankfully, Jamie Tisdale steps in to bare her cute, tight, porn-ready bod as Monica Velour, circa 1978. Jamie bares her perky, petite pontoons in some faux centerfolds and a caveman porn scene, and in a deleted scene she goes fully frontal for Tobe’s jerk-off fantasy. Meet Monica Velour? We'd rather MEAT her!