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Appearing in just one film, Marie Blanche Dehaux's jaw-dropping performance in The Mouth Agape (1974) will have your mouth agape and your hand on your crape. The film follows an aging matriarch who slowly dies while her family lives their promiscuous lives. Luckily, Marie is not the matriarch, but a promiscuous partner. Dehaux is no ho, but her one film appearance did show off more than just her beautiful face. Seen making out near a mirror, she undresses, showing us her Blanche butt and a black bra. Her male friend removes the bra, and the full length mirror works wonders - we see her front half facing forward, and her back half reflected perfectly. Someone must have asked this mirror who was the fairest of them all, or who had the best ass. The two end up briefly in bed before Blanche is bathroom-bound to use the bidet. Marie's excellent shape in The Mouth Agape will make you want to scrape your ape. Many fans were wishing they'd see Marie with a mouth agape, hungry for a trouser snake. Tons of fans would go out on a branch for Marie Blanche. Marie Blanche Dehaux is Dehawt!