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Manson's Lost Girls

Manson's Lost Girls (2016)

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Manson's Lost Girls (2015) is another recount of the odd hippie compound Charles Manson ran and the brutal murders his "family" enacted. Like many cults, Manson's ranch was rife with adoring women, drugs, and lots of sex. This time, the story focuses on Linda Kasabian (played by Mackenzie Mauzy), a young woman with a baby looking for somewhere she belonged. Linda is picked up on the street by a chipper woman who speaks only good words about "Charlie," promising endless food and love on a commune in California. Linda brings her baby with her to the ranch, immediately falling victim to Charlie's charms (and drugs), getting down in many orgies and dropping acid and all those sorts of things. Alas, as is the case with most cult stories, what starts out as fun quickly becomes deadly, as Manson is trying to instigate "Helter Skelter," a race war he believes with make whites totally insubordinate to blacks. In an effort to "show the blacks what to do," he goes on a seemingly random killing spree of his own with the help of his blood thirsty and maniacal family. Linda eventually testifies against them all, ultimately able to leave the cult thanks to her child, but not before we see her in nothing but a thong during one of those orgies! Hey, someone should have told her you can join those with belonging to a cult.