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Maldita cocaína

Maldita cocaína (2001)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


When a heartbroken father loses his daughter to addiction, he embarks on a vigilante campaign for revenge in the tough-nosed thriller Maldita cocaína (2001). Osvaldo Laport plays the grieving dad who wants to get even with the dealers who sold bad junk to his little girl. In setting his sights on the head of a bloodthirsty cartel, the slighted hero doesn’t realize that the DEA also has him in their crosshairs. Bullets fly throughout this explosive Uruguayan thriller, but director Pablo Rodríguez works some much-needed skin into the plot. Latin beauty Laura Arías plays a flight attendant who reveals her peaks during an amorous encounter, then again in a vile, unsolicited sex scene that’s tough to stomach.