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Magnificent Mams You May Have Missed

There are many jugs and only so many minutes in the day, so it's only natural that you may have missed these natural and supernatural breasts. We'll remedy that right now. "Do these look fake or not?" asks Carrie Stevens in Who's Your Daddy? (2003). We would like a closer look, which she offers, and maybe a feel, but that will have to wait for our dreams. The door opens and Elizabeth Masucci in Virgin Alexander (2012) comes out in only a pair of cut-offs and two of the heaviest heavenly bodies in our solar system. Erica Campbell in Erica Campbell: Busty Nude Model of the Year (2007), and you can say that twice! A slow unzip and Sola Aoi in Man, Woman, and the Wall (2007) is fully nude: ass, bush and what a pair of tits! The camera loves every inch of Jelena Jensen in Bad Biology (2008), but it needed a wide-angle lens to capture those bazoombas! You pants will do the opposite of flat lining when Cristina Tiberia in Brain Dead (2007) shows her jugs. Kimberly McArthur and Barbara Edwards in Malibu Express (1985) take a shower together and your pants faucet will flow. Vica Kerekes in Shameless (2008) is covered in whipped cream for a sweet treat. The head of your penis will crash into the metal of your zipper when you see Hayley Marie Norman in Crash (2008) come out of the shower. Rebecca Marshall in Party Down (2009) is the waitress at the orgy. I'll have what everyone is having! Never miss an opportunity to look at boobs.

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