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Lynn Lowry: 70s Cult Movie Star, Every Nude Scene


With an innocent face and a body made for sinning, Lynn Lowry was one of the original 70’s Scream Queens. Her willingness to bare it all in a variety of exploitation movies makes her a Mr. Skin favorite. Lynn lays fully nude while another woman runs a gun down her fit, naked body in Sugar Cookies (1973). As she gets undressed, we see Lynn wearing only her panties with her sweet breasts standing at full attention in Shivers (1975). Things get wet and wild in Shivers when Lynn emerges from a pool only to find out her soaking wet shirt is completely transparent. In a scene from the documentary The Crazies (1973), Lynn shows us a few sexy, topless pics of herself while talking about the free love movement. Lynn shows off her great tits and big bush as she gets into a full blown 70’s orgy in Score (1972). It’s girl on girl 70’s style as Lynn shows off her mams while letting another lady chow down on her biscuit in Score. The girl on girl fun in Score continues as Lynn pulls up her dress and shows off her ass while letting another hottie do her from behind with a strapon. Things get ritualistically hot when we see Lynn and others fully nude from behind during a rumptastic ceremony in I Drink Your Blood (1970). Lynn Lowry and her fantastic body filled the 70’s with a naked, raw sex appeal. Enjoy her at her rawest in this playlist of her best nude scenes.


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