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Love Is The Perfect Crime

Love Is The Perfect Crime (2013)

Great Nudity!

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L'amour est un crime parfait (2013), or Love is the Perfect Crime, is a thriller that represents a rare filmmaking collaboration between France & Switzerland. The film is almost entirely shot from the point of view of a professor (Mathieu Amalric) with a wandering eye for his various female students. He lives at the top of a mountain, but works at the bottom of it, and every day makes the treacherous journey up and down, often with a different young woman.  The amount of nudity in this film is pretty perfect as well, if we do say so ourselves! We get a brief look at Karin Viard's left breast, but we get full nudity from the lovely Maiwenn Le Besco, Sara Forestier, and the amazingly ample nudecomer Marion Duval, all three of whom bare all three b's while seducing the professor! Love is the Perfect Crime, mainly because it doesn't leave any evidence! If that's not enough to get you off you can see Marion Duval's breasts butt, and bush while trying to seduce her professor. Those knockers while knock you out for sure! Sara also tries her best to seduce her professor, but she's not as successful as others. In fact, he has more of a hold on her than she does him. This is exemplified when she takes off all her clothes and goes for a swim, wasting no time to lift up her ass and show it off. This is the kind of flick that makes one want to go back to grad school and get the PhD!