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Lost Highway

Lost Highway (1997)

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Take another trip down the road into weirdo director David Lynch's wild world with Lost Highway (1997). Squeezed between Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992) and The Straight Story (1999) in Lynch's filmography, the bizarre but scary art film weaves a tale of misplaced identities and mysterious strangers. It begins with jazzman Fred Madison (Bill Pullman) being sent a videotape of himself sleeping in his bed. Fred freaks out, but really gets nervous when he goes to a party and a strange, pale dude (Robert Blake) tells Fred to call him at Fred's house, which he does, although the man is standing directly in front of him. But when Fred rushes home, he doesn't find the creepy fella. What does find is a videotape of himself murdering his wife. By the time a youngster named Pete (Balthazar Getty) finds himself teleported into a prison cell and taking over Fred's body, there's no telling what's going on. And since this is a Lynch film, you're probably never going to get the answers you're looking for. While he's not a straight shooter, Lynch is always good for a shot of some nice hooters. Patricia Arquette is the standout seductress in this one, playing the dual roles of Fred's wife Renee and Pete's blonde girlfriend Alice Wakefield. Not only do we get to see her jugs and butt while banging Mr. Pullman, but as a blonde bombshell we get to watch as she does a topless striptease for a mob boss. Beyond our pet Miss Arquette, there are a pair of women willing to show their pair. At the party, the guests watch a sex flick starring Lisa Boyle's boobs, and during some car sex, Natasha Gregson Wagner takes her top off and lets some dude play with her cans. Thanks to that nudity, we're not hitchhiking, we're giving a big thumbs up to Lost Highway!