The new Jason Stratham shoot-em-up action flick The Mechanic isn't due out in theaters until the end of the month, but the red band trailer is available on the Internet and it's already giving skin fans something to look forward to.

One of the costars of the film, Swedish supermodel-turned-actress Mini Anden, has a TA-baring sex scene with Stratham that is featured prominently in the trailer as a counterpoint to the threatening dialogue, exploding heads, and car crashes.

A minute and 27 seconds into the trailer, we see one brown-nipped b-cup boob in a series of shots of a woman who looks like Mini banging Stratham and we get a look at her naked butt as she rides him cowgirl-style two minutes and 15 seconds in.

Be warned that there are no scenes where her face and a naked body part are on the screen at the same time, so this may well be a body double standing in for Ms. Anden, who has yet to do a nude scene. Stay tuned to find out whether or not those are Mini's mini-mams in The Mechanic. But either way, bring your tool(s).