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Little Dead Rotting Hood

Little Dead Rotting Hood (2016)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Little Dead Rotting Hood is the horror adaption to the classic Brothers Grimm story you never knew you wanted. Starring Eric Balfour and Lil' Romeo, it takes place in a tiny town with a major wolf problem. When Lil' Romeo's girlfriend goes missing and is buried alive, they set out to save the townspeople from some really, really angry canines. Two different couples break the cardinal rule of horror film (never have sex)—first, Taylor Carr takes off her top in the woods while she's making out with her boyfriend in the woods (and then gets attacked by a wolf) and then Ashley Doris gives her boyfriend a sexy striptease that gets her totally naked and sitting in his lap (before getting attacked by a wolf). Once the war against the wolves really begins, we realize that one is actually a sheriff played by Heather Tom. She transforms back into a human before her death, giving us one last look at her breasts and bush! Don't you love that rule about werewolves?