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Lion Girl

Lion Girl (2023)

Great Nudity!

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In the year 2045, a “meteor tsunami” hits Earth, destroying most of the Earth and its people, save for a small area around Tokyo. The leftover pieces of meteorite on Earth give off rays deadly for humans, except for a few who turn into monsters called Anorocs, who hunger or the life force of other humans. However, when a pregnant woman was mutated, she gave birth to a daughter with the strength and abilities of the Anoroc, but without the need to feed. She’s a hybrid called a Man-Anoroc, and her name is Botan (Tori Griffith), but most know her as Lion-Girl, a heroic defender of the people against both man and monster. We first meet her in a bathhouse, where a fully nude Tori is besieged by a group of equally naked Anoroc including Nadine Emrich, Erin Marie Hogan, Farah Jeffrey, and Kristina Korsholm, whose faces and hands freakishly transform, but luckily all the boobs and shaved bushes remain unaltered! Because Lion-Girl channels her power from a giant glowing back tattoo, Tori spends a lot of the film in just her flesh, baring all three Bs in the shower, walked naked by a lake, and practicing her fighting skills topless when she’s not being kept in a brightly lit tube. Add to that the T'n'A from strung up stunners Marianne Bourg, Julie Burisse, and Anna Sophia Moad and we’re not lion when we say this is the kind of dystopian future we look forward to!