This past Saturday Lindsay Lohan dazzle and delighted her weary Instagram followers with a topless selfie, in which she strategically covers her terrific ta-tas with her arms. Lohan then promptly took down the post, but not before it became a part of the Internet ether. And, possibly your spank bank!

For the past decade Lindsay Lohan's life has played out like Britney Spears' would have if she wasn't under the care of highly trained specialists equipped with enough Thorazine to take down an army. Spears has her Thorazine, Demi Lovato has her mountains of cocaine comeback story, and Mischa Barton... well she didn't have much to start out with, but it's Lindsay Lohan who has truly fallen through the cracks of celeb society, and it's hard to be surprised by her shenanigans anymore.

OR IS IT. Just when I think the freckled redhead with the amazing rack has plateaued, she goes ahead and pulls some truly crazy shiz. Here are the events that have taken place within mere months. Everything has led the Saturday opening of a Greek club with her namesake, as well as the mysteriously vanished topless selfie:

1) April: Lindsay Lohan is engaged to Russian billionaire Egor Tarabasov.

2) August: The two are caught fighting in now infamous beach pictures.

3) August: Lindsay Lohan calls off engagement, saying: "No woman can be hit and stay with that person if that person isn’t prepared to say sorry."

4) September: Lindsay Lohan is supposidely dating business partner Dennis Papageorgiou. He posts an Instagram photo of the two cuddling on the beach.

5) Two Days Ago: Lindsay attends the opening of a Greek club named after her and started by Dennis Papageorgiou. She will make appearances there a few times a month and recieve a cut of the profit. At the opening she snaps her topless picture, but soon takes it down and replaces it with an image of the club's dancers.

6) Two Days Ago: Lohan denies dating Dennis Papageorgiou.

7) Four Hours Ago: Lohan is caught kissing Dennis Papageorgiou.

If you fell like you just read a script for 10 seasons of Days of Our Lives, you're not alone. The world is genuinely perplexed by the Lindsay's life, but I'm just thankful that the once constant has been her great knockers! The Mean Girls actress has no problem flaunting her body on Instagram, so I can't imagine she suddenly got a case of posters remorse before pulling her strategic nude selfie. Why would Lohan take down this Insta classic? Did she mean to send it to Snapchat? Did Instagram pull the image due to some nip that I'm not seeing?

I grew up in the Lindsay-can-do-no-wrong-years, so I'm eternally optimistic that the 30-year-old will even out, and that her and Jimmy Kimmel will one day share a chuckle over her manic years in the Greek Islands. Hopefully he'll put this sexy cleavage-y picture up on the screen, and she'll blush and throw her head back laughing, and explain why the hell it disappeared!

Via: Daily Mail, US Weekly, Instagram