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Legend of Fall Creek

Legend of Fall Creek (2021)

Brief Nudity

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The Legend of Fall Creek (2021) opens with a definition of the term "Grindhouse," which is sure to get all the genre fans in the audience suitably amped for what they're about to see! Finished in 2016, the film didn't get a proper release until five years later and, in a Missing in Action-esque sequel bait and switch, the film's sequel Bloody Bobby (2020) actually ended up getting released before this film. If that fact alone isn't in keeping with the whole low-budget Grindhouse aesthetic they're going for, then we're not sure how else it can prove its credentials. The film doles out the titular legend, which involves a boy named Bobby who was mercilessly bullied by the people of Fall Creek. On Halloween night, 1988, Bobby disappears without a trace and it isn't long before a young couple turns up murdered in the area where Bobby was last seen. These killings continue every Halloween and, 20 years later, show no signs of slowing down. A group of randy horror hounds turn up in town on the 20th anniversary of Bobby's disappearance to find out for themselves if the legend is real, and they're not going to be pleased when they find out it is indeed alive and well! Sadly the flick isn't full of nudity, like one might expect from your typical low budget slasher flick about horny twenty-somethings! Thankfully Stasia Patwell goes topless for a steamy skinterracial sex scene with a guy on a couch! That might just be enough to get your blood pumping!