Who Could Possibly Be Offended By Elizabeth Hurley's Boobs?

As we all know Instagram has some pretty strange terms and conditions, i.e. no boobs. While that makes no sense to anyone, they still enforce it, but there are still ways around this terrible rule. And of course, Elizabeth Hurley found a way around it by wearing a see-through top.

She’s not even wearing a questionable see-through, meaning that you aren’t really sure if it is see-through or it’s just a trick of the light. No, we can all very clearly see Elizabeth Hurley’s fantastic breasts. They are right there, plain as day or maybe I should say plain as a pink see-through top. This also has me wondering if Elizabeth Hurley is, in fact, completely nude in this Instagram post. The light seems to be hitting her just right so that we know she’s topless, but as far as bottomless, that is still up for debate. I thought she was perhaps wearing shorts, but I could be mistaken. We might be witnessing a completely nude Elizabeth Hurley Instagram post. The excitement of this idea sends chills up my spine,which is the good way. Down my spine is bad.

Now, I don’t know for sure if this pic is still on Instagram, but we do have proof that it was there at some point. I don’t know how anyone at Instagram could look at this beautiful picture of Elizabeth Hurley’s boobs and find any kind of offense in it. That’s just plain crazy.