I mean, I don't know how to make that title any more succinct! Lady Gaga's current look coinciding with the release of new album Joanne is all about the barely there daisy dukes, Western-inspired jackets, and cowboy hats. While walking around in New York City the 30-year-old singer turned "barely-there" daisy dukes into "just fucking not there at all" when she flashed a ton of vag to the paparazzi! Is it really a "lip slip" when the whole thing is practically flapping around in the breeze? IDK. It's not a question I can answer.


It's really hard to know when we've got a stunt queen situation on our hands and when we have a legitimate wardrobe malfunction. Lady Gaga is currently receiving a ton of press for her new music and upcoming Super Bowl performance. It would seem like she doesn't need to wave a carrot in front of the media's faces - but like a vagina instead of a carrot - but here we are. I'm staring at some flap flesh, and the owner is none other than Lady Gaga herself.

Since Gaga is always looking for the next bold fashion statement, I'm really hoping that she's settled on accessorizing her looks with her chocha. It really makes the outfit nice and tight! 

Images Via Splash News