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Lady Bloodfight (2015)

No Nudity

(0:04) Mayling Ng in the shower. We see some left sideboob as she puts a towel on.
(0:06) Some cleavage on Amy Johnston after she is knocked to the ground. 
(0:08) Quick cleavage shot on Amy Johnston after she chases down a guy and knocks him out.
(0:08) Some left sideboob on Amy Johnston in the shower.
(0:18) Quick cleavage shot on Amy Johnston after she gets kicked in the face.
(0:34) Nice cleavage on Jenny Wu as she adjusts her tanktop to entice a guy.
(0:36) Amy Johnston in a sports bra doing martial arts exercises.
(0:43) Amy Johnston walks into the locker room and sees women in various states of undress in bra and panties. Jet Tranter strips down to her bra and panties next to her.
(0:45) Amy Johnston is wearing a little sports bra and tight pants for her first fight. Shows some bouncy cleavage during it too.
(0:51) Jet Tranter in her bra showing off her bruises. Mayling Ng then walks by in her bra and panties.
(1:02) Amy Johnston is in her sports bra and tight pants gearing up for a swordfight.
(1:05) Jet Tranter in sports bra and little tiny shorts during her fight.
(1:07) Nice shot of Jet Tranter on the ground in her sports bra and panties being dragged back into the ring.
(1:14) Some really nice cleavage shots on Amy Johnston as she is rolling around on the ground during the fight.
(1:17) Nice cleavage shot on Jenny Wu leaning over. Then more nice close cleavage on Amy Johnston as she lies face down on the ground after the fight. Then an even better cleavage shot as she lies on the locker room on her back.

Jet Tranter


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