The Man Show Tribute: One Thousand Frames Per Second from Dustin Farrell ( on Vimeo.

Ever since The Man Show went off the air there really hasn’t ever been anything that’s taken its place. And whether you called yourself a fan or not, you always at least tuned in to watch the best part of the show, the end. Well, take a trip down memory lane thanks to this tribute to The Man Show of ladies in bikinis jumping on a trampoline, only this time in slow motion.  

Honestly, there are few things in this world of ours greater than this video. There's something about combining ladies in bikinis and jumping on a trampoline, but when you throw in a super fancy camera and slow it down one thousand frames per second, it’s a true work of art. It does have me harkening back to the days of The Man Show and my hope for some kind of reboot. Or maybe someone could find a way to just have super hot ladies in bikinis jumping on stuff in slow motion. Surely there are hot ladies, bikinis, and things to jump on that could fill up a whole 13 episode season. And of course, we should take am moment to honor the brave bikini clad jumpers: Alyssa Depue, Dominique Fiacco, Iryna Ivanova , Kyra Transtrum, Lynnie Marie, Natalie Golba, and Taylor Rae.  

So take a few moments and remember all the good times The Man Show gave us. Enjoy some ladies in bikinis jumping on a trampoline (and a dude on a dirt bike), which is really how we should end every day.

via The Man Show Tribute: One Thousand Frames Per Second by Dustin Farrell on Vimeo