Kristen Wiig and Jack Nicholson have signed on to star in a remake of the German comedy Toni Erdmann. The original received an Oscar nomination in 2017 for Best Foreign Language Film, but even if it loses, it will always be a winner in our book thanks to the amazing full frontal nudity from Sandra Hüller and Ingrid Bisu! Toni Erdmann delivered one of the most talked about nude scenes in 2016, and the fact that Kristen Wiig has signed on for the American remake has us very skinterested.

Toni Erdmann tells the tale of a father, Winfried Conradi (Peter Simonischek), trying to reconnect with his estranged daughter, Ines Conradi (Sandra Hüller), by infiltrating her life as an alter ego he refers to as Toni Erdmann. In one surprisingly lengthy scene, Sandra casually exposes all three B's while greeting an unexpected visitor in the kitchen. The original director, Maren Ade, claims that the scene is not meant to be sexual, and elaborates: Via The Telegraph

When I was writing 'he’s naked, she’s naked’ in the script, it doesn’t capture what that will do to an audience. A naked person just standing somewhere immediately has an effect… it raises the tension so fast.

Yeah, raises the tension in my pants. As you probably know by now, Kristen Wiig-ed out in a merkin for her frontal nudity in 2014's Welcome to Me, which is her only nude appearance to date. I think that Kristen needs to go big or go home when it comes to the remake of a flick hailing from Germany - a country known for embracing nudity. Check out Hüller's B's in the gallery and relive the best nudity from Wiig... so far.

Do you think Kristen Wiig will go fully nude in the remake of Toni Erdmann?!