Former child stars who grow up, grow out, and get naked are always a popular topic here at Skin Central. After all, there's a reason Alyssa Milano has been one of the most-searched actresses here during our entire run on the internet. Drew Barrymore, Natalie Portman, Marcia Brady... there's just something deliciously taboo about seeing a famous babe you "grew up with" in the buff.

Joining here esteemed colleagues today is the smoking hot Christy Carlson Romano, best known as the voice of kiddie cartoon heroine Kim Possible and as Ren on the Disney Channel show Even Stevens. And like Disney babes Anne Hathaway and Lindsay Lohan before her, Christy's shedding her clothes along with her little kid image.

The horror sequel Mirrors 2 (2010) has been released on DVD just in time for the Halloween season, and we get some funbags and fanny along with the frights.

This one's a can't-miss, so check out Christy's unbelievable, screamingly sexy, totally gratuitous shower scene here, and welcome her into the fold of Disney babes gone nude. She's kimpossibly hot!