It's not every day that we get to see sheepish starlet Kim Kardashian nude, which is what makes this new Instagram snap so noteworthy. Kidding! Kardashian is never not naked, but we're never not going to cover her salacious snaps, especiallysince her body is looking better than ever nowadays. Kardashian took to her favorite social platform to share this intimate pic in which she can be see sprawled out on the bed with just her hands covering her heaving hooters. The caption "Rise Grind" definitely gets the imagination running wild.

Kardashian appears to be sporting a thong, but it's so far up there that we can't see any evidence of it from her backside. That thong must have some stories to tell. Take in every inch of Kardashian's amazing bod and let us know in the comments ifKim's a win!

Photo Credit: Instagram