Kendall Jenner has somehow managed to elevate herself above her family members - at least in the fact that she doesn't pimp out girdles on Instagram - and can currently be found gracing the cover of the new issue of Vogue. I'm sure whatever Kendall had to do to for Anna Wintour to grab these coveted spots is obscene even by my standards, but I'm glad she took one for the team because she's looking smoking hot in the pics!

In the article, you can tell that interviewer Jonathan Van Meter was having a ball with Kendall with such snippets as: 

We decide to play miniature golf, but Kendall is terrible at miniature golf, so we bail..."

But I suggest you restrain yourself from the reading portion and just focus on how insanely striking the 20-year-old is in the spread, and of courser on her perfect natural knockers. The 5' 10" reality star turned model thanks to $$$ and maybe conalingus mixes innocent and sexy, showing off a beautiful face, adorable freckles, pensive, serious gaze, and of course her lean athletic body. The highlights of the shoot are a majestic butterfly dress that allows us to get a good glimpse of the model's sick bod as well as the picture in the field where her cleavage action is on point. Basically, just admit it, you would totally get with Kendall and you know it.

Stray observation: The clown look that we saw with Chloë Grace Moretz is definitely a thing right now, and I'm not feeling it. 

Via Vogue