I know it's a little cheeky, butt... Cycling in The ile de re, France

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Perry nice! It looks like Katy Perry and beau Orlando Bloom are having one hell of a time on their European vacation, and while Katy Perry didn't join Orlando in going naked in Italy, she's at least getting a little into the spirit with this new ass flash on Instagram! As you may know, the "Rise" singer didn't really give us a rise when she stayed clothed next to a buck nude Bloom - a lose lose situation if there ever was one - last week, but hopefully this butt pic is a way of her saying "Hey, guys at Mr. Skin, tomorrow I'm going to show you all three B's while going down on myself." Yep, probably the case!

While this picture of Katy Perry on a bike looks like it would have been taken from behind the bushes by the paps it's actually on her own Instagram, showing that the busty brunette bombshell has a sense of humor that only heightens her sex appeal. So about dat butt. What makes this so hot is A) You can see past the tan line and tan lines are my #1 weakness B) the cheek crease on the left and C) the fact that Ms. Perry really does have one amazing ass on her. Orlando Bloom is one lucky bastard! 

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