Katy Perry Can Give Away Pies For No Reason At All

If someone came up to me and said; “Hey, Katy Perry is giving out pies!” I would instantly call them a fool and dismiss their statement outright. But I would also be very, very wrong because Katy Perry was looking like a farm girl hottie handing out pies in Times Square.  

While it would be very easy for one to learn why Katy Perry was looking sexy and handing out pieces of what I assume are cherry pies in Times Square, I’m going to forgo all that and come up with my own reason: Because. That’s it. That simple reason, because. Katy Perry is in Times Square with her new short bleach blonde hair and same old awesome cleavage handing out pies because she can. No other reason than that. She’s Katy Perry, she’s sexy as hell, and if she wants to hand out pies to people in Times Square, she is totally allowed to that as often as she wants. The only thing I hope is that Warrant’s “Cherry Pie” was blaring at high volume the whole time.  

When you think it about, you really don’t need a reason for Katy Perry to give out pies. All that really matters is she looks amazing while doing it. And I’m pretty sure the pie was good or at least not bad. Though, if Katy Perry is giving out pies I’m sure we’d all say it was the best pie ever.