No Words Can Truly Describe Kate Beckinsale Doing A Split On A Hummer

Every so often each of us comes across a sight that we never thought we’d see, a sight that we really aren’t sure how to describe to another human being. An image that there truly are no words for, you simply have to say what it is and tell everyone to go look at it: Kate Beckinsale doing a split on top a hummer.

So yeah, that’s what we got and I can honestly and sincerely say Kate Beckinsale doing a split on the hood of a hummer is something I never, ever thought I would see. Not even in my wildest dreams did this scene come to mind—and believe me, I’ve had some pretty wild dreams about Kate Beckinsale. We all have, it’s Kate Beckinsale and she’s really hot. Though, I might be alone in this, there are probably some out there who have passed out because this very display—Kate Beckinsale doing a split on a hummer—is a dream they have had over and over and over again. Now it’s here, it’s real, it’s true, and that is probably a lot to handle. I’ve never had that vision in my head and it’s hard to handle.

Take it in, people, take in every single inch of it. Burn it in your memory, save this picture of Kate Beckinsale doing a split on top of a hummer because we’ll probably never see anything like it again.