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The 1979 adult classic Star Virgin was made during the golden age of porn, when mainstream met vein stream for the first time. Yes, decades before cell phones and the internet, men would put on their worst pair of shoes and brave the sticky floors of a XXX theater to see a porno they had to pay good money to watch. Think they had it rough? You might come to a different conclusion after seeing the quality of woman their movies featured, like the carnal Kari Klark. Director Howard Ziehm brilliantly cast the stunning blonde as his main muse, and boy can she amuse on screen. Star Virgin became the actress’ defining (well, actually only) big screen moment, but oh what a moment it is! A sci-fi flick about a robot using sexy vignettes to explain to a virgin what human sexuality is all about, Kari is the star, though probably not a virgin, considering how the tight blonde bombshell is completely uninhibited as the titular character. Trapped in space with only her robo-companion, the virgin begs to be taught the art of sensuality. Spoiler: The robot acquiesces, leading to plenty of writhing, unsimulated masturbation ranging from humping the side of a bathtub to going two fingers deep, and even using a dildo that explodes inside Kari! Over forty years later, and we don't have robots that can do anything like that for us. Alexa can never understand what we're saying and our Zoomba gets stuck on the stairs. Let's hope for some sinnovations. Kari never did any other movies, but if you were a young man who saw Star Virgin in the late 70's, Miss Klark sure left her mark.