Even When Dressed Joanna Krupa Shows Off A Lot Of Skin

I’m pretty much convinced that Joanna Krupa really doesn’t like to wear clothes. If she can go topless or nude, she will—as we have all seen in many pics, both personal and professional. And when Joanna Krupa does wear clothes, they tend to either be rather revealing or not made from much material, therefore making it quite revealing, example: this dress.  

Of course, I’m pretty sure that’s one of the main reasons we all love Joanna Krupa so much. She has an incredible body, she knows it, we know it, and she loves to show it off. Be it in a bikini, half a bikini, or in an incredibly tight and rather see-through dress, Joanna Krupa is no doubt going to be turning some heads. You know, one could make a very strong argument that Joanna Krupa is actually hotter when she’s wearing a see-through dress like this one. I don’t know if said person could win that argument because… have you seen Joanna Krupa topless? I don’t know if there is any hotter version than that, but she does look quite stunning in a see-through dress. After all, we are still getting a pretty good look at her beautiful breasts.  

Anyway you slice it, Joanna Krupa is one super hottie. It doesn't matter what she is—or isn't—wearing, she looks amazing. Though, if we had to pick, I think we'd all agree that topless Joanna Krupa is our favorite.

Photos: Splash News