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Jiggling Jugs

There are few things in this world hotter than a pair of jiggling jugs. We have put together our playlist of the sexiest starlets showing off their great racks that jiggle as the girls jump, dance, bounce, and run. Babette Bardot kicks things off when she pulls off her bra and shakes those shooters while dancing in Mondo Topless (1966). They must be jelly because jam don’t shake like that when turbulence causes Kitten Natividad’s rack to rumble in Airplane! (1980). Bo Derek and her glorious cans make the list during her famous jug bouncing scene from 10 (1979) as she jogs down the beach. June Roberts lets her kitties out to play when she dances topless in Kitten in the Cage (1968). Her dad might be Dirty Harry, but it’s Alison Eastwood's snubbers that will have you feeling lucky when she lifts up her shirt and gives them a shake in Friends & Lovers (1999). Aria Giovanni gives a demonstration on how to make boobs bounce in Boobs: An American Obsession (2010). No matter how it happens this list proves that when the boobs are jiggling, everyone is having a good time!

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