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Jessica Simpson: Dream Chaser

Jessica Simpson: Dream Chaser (2002)

No Nudity
  • Genres: Musical
  • Directed by: Jennifer Lebau
  • Rated: NR
  • Home Release: 01/22/2002
  • Home Release: 01/22/2002
  • Country: USA
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If you've ever wanted an all-access pass to follow the sweet, sweet ass of Jessica Simpson onstage and backstage and behind-the-scenes and everywhere in-between, Jessica Simpson: Dream Chaser (2002) is your ticket to paradise. Join Jess on her "Dream Chaser" tour as she belts her butt off on songs like "I Think I'm in Love with You," "I Wanna Love You Forever," "A Little Bit," and "Irresistible," which she performs at the fleshfest known as MTV's Spring Break. Footage of her earliest auditions gives way to revealing interviews and making-of views of music videos, plus Marc Anthony shows up for a duet of "There You Were," Nick Lachey sings with his (then) lay-day, and Jermaine Dupri and the artist formerly known as Lil Bow Wow drop in for the So So Def remix of "Irresistible.”