So She Should Star In Pretty in Pink 2 And Just Wear This Dress

While even I admit to having a bit of sequel fatigue whenever I go to the movies, right now I’m kind of hoping for the next chapter in the Pretty In Pink franchise. Yes, I very much want to see Pretty in Pink 2 staring Jessica Alba in this pink dress.  

Now, I should confess that I've never actually seen the original Pretty in Pink so I don’t know what unanswered questions there are, but knowing that Jessica Alba looks pretty damn amazing in pink is a great place to start. I don’t know, maybe she can run a business or save some community center or hell, she could just be Jessica Alba wearing this pink dress doing Jessica Alba related things. Come on, I think we’d all sit in a dark movie theater for two hours just to watch Jessica Alba in this dress doing things. I know I would be first in line at my local multiplex. Plus, seeing Jessica Alba in this dress on the big screen, we would probably be able to figure out if she’s going braless or wearing pasties. It’s one or the other, I know that, but I can’t really tell from just the pictures.  

I think we all crave new and exciting entertainment from Hollywood, because the same old, same old can get real boring, real quick. But when you have a golden opportunity, like Jessica Alba in this pink dress, you really should make the most of it.