All Action Movies Need Jessica Alba

While I enjoy a good action movie every now and then, recent action movies haven’t been that great. There always seems to be something missing from making action movies enjoyable. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what it was, but then I saw this trailer for Mechanic: Resurrection and it hit me. Most action movies are missing Jessica Alba in a bikini!  

Thinking back on most recent action movies, the amount of screen time dedicated to Jessica Alba in a bikini is slim to none. Thankfully the people behind this Jason Statham franchise realized that all you need to make a great action movie is great fights, some explosions, and Jessica Alba’s cleavage. And just to make sure there is a proper amount of Jessica Alba hotness in the movie, it also appears that Jessica Alba will be kicking a little ass and we all know there is nothing hotter than a beauty kicking some butt.  

Odds are I’ll shell out my hard earned money to see this movie during the first week it opens because I have a feeling it might not be in theaters too long. But when you see everything that you need for a great action movie in one place, you don’t miss out on seeing Jessica Alba in a bikini on the big screen.