Is It Magic Or Workout Pants?

There are people in this world that can not only light up a room whenever they smile, but completely change your mood. There is just something about their smile, maybe it’s magic, maybe it’s nature, but when they grin from ear to ear you have no choice but to feel the same as they do. Jennifer Garner is one of those people. When she smiles you can’t help but feel great.

I’ll give you that Jennifer Garner is really hot and even if she wasn’t smiling, seeing her in tight workout clothing will put you in a good mood, but her smile is that kind that just puts you in a better mood. Honestly, I wasn’t feeling bad or good, I was just kind of here doing my job when all of a sudden I felt warm, wanted to go outside and feel the sun on my face—maybe even doing a little charity work—and it was all because I got to look at these pictures of Jennifer Garner smiling.

Sure, her tight body in those clothes also gave me a rush of emotions, but really it was her smile that brightened my day. Well, her smile and her ass in those workout pants. Jennifer Garner’s ass in workout pants, that’s a real room brightener. Am I right or am I right? Yeah, I’m totally right.