Time For A New Jennifer Aniston Nude Scene?

It's always sad to learn that a couple you like has broken up. Even when it's the best thing for everyone involved, there is still plenty of heartbreak to go around. Needless to say I was a touch bummed when I learned that Jennifer Aniston and her long-time beau, That Guy, had called it quits. The only thing that seems to cheer me up is looking at sexy pics of Jennifer Aniston.

Now, I'm no relationship expert, but I think something that might help Jennifer Aniston through this tough time is for her to do a new nude scene. I really think it might help her move on, create a new beginning, and most of all show That Guy how stupid he was for letting her go. Yeah, getting a look at that awesome Jennifer Aniston body will fill him with such regret that he won't leave the house for days, weeks, or even months. Plus, the last time we saw Jennifer Aniston nude it was just a butt in The Break Up.

It's time for Jennifer Aniston to leave the past behind her and look towards the future. If you ask me there is no brighter future than one with a brand new Jennifer Aniston topless scene.