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James Joyce's Women

James Joyce's Women (1985)

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In the virtual one-woman show James Joyce's Women (1985), Irish eyeful Fionnula Flanagan brings the women featured in James Joyce’s collective works to life. Yes, it ends up JJ was all about the vajayjay, and Eloise Hawking from LOST herself, Fionnula Flanagan wrote a whole play about the real and fake women he either loved, worked with, highly respected, or just boned. Translating long passages of Joyce’s sexually skintillating dialogue, Fionnula uses her expressive body to erotically emphasize every phrase. There's James' wife Nora, who we see as an old lady getting interviewed about how an uneducated baker's daughter got along so well with one of the most respected writers of all time. Then she's Sylvia Beach, the American bookstore owner who made Ulysses a huge deal after Harriet Shaw Weaver, who Flanagan also plays, published Joyce's first novel. Moving to fiction, she plays Gerty MacDowell, the horny young woman from Ulysses, and most erotically, Molly Bloom, the soliloquy spewing adulteress from the same book. Some things just don't translate from the page to the screen, but not the long, full frontal masturbation scene! Yes, at one point after we've watched her flash boob and bush as she pees in a bucket, we get an extremely graphic scene of flicking the bean. Playing Molly Bloom, Fionnula's fully nude, lying on a bed and touching her titties as she tells a story about her time in bed with a fella who could pleasure her like no other. Soon enough, her hand is between her legs and we're watching her scream "yes" as she paddles the pink canoe. She never spreads her legs to go full bloom, but we see essentially every inch of Miss Flanagan. Reading Finnegan's Wake would be a whole lot less painful if we got to watch a woman like that finish! If James Joyce's Women were as hot as Fionnula Flanagan, he'd be too busy getting laid to write a page!