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Jamambo Jugs


Some like 'em hot, some like 'em big. We like the big and hot, the bigger the hotter. So jump on in and don't worry about the landing, we've made sure there's something large and soft to fall on. Uschi Digard in Roxanna (1970) has a handful, two handfuls. Why don't you lend her a hand (the one you're not using on yourself). Cathy Barry in Skins (2007) has a springy big pair of boobs and her pillows are out for some post-sex pillow talk. They may be the Insane Clown Posse, but they're not nuts, why else would they cast the catastrophically large Kayla Kleevage in Big Money Hustlas (2000)? You know what a big bra means? Well, for Sara Rue in Gypsy 83 (2001) it mean big tits. Her parents knew what they had when their daughter was born. Why else would they name her Pandora Peaks as she proves in Pandora Peaks (2001). Mimi Rogers in Full Body Massage (1995), and we mean full in every way, is an invitation to massage yourself in solidarity. Sex marks the spot for Shae Marks in Return to Savage Beach (1998). We're going to need a bigger shower for Mary Carey in Sapphire Girls (2003). Deborah Caprioglio in Paprika (1991) is so big that she makes men even bigger watching her bath with another beauty. You'll be speaking in tongues when Alix Lakehurst in Ski Wolf (2008) shows off her holy slopes. This world ain't big enough for the both of them, so man your space suits we're going were no mams have gone before!


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