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Everybody thinks you need to land a starring role in a huge Hollywood hit or get your own TV show to say you're a successful actress. But if you ask Mr. Skin, there's no need to rack up the IMDb credits when all we want is for you to show your rack when you have incredible tits. In fact, one of our favorite borderline extras who showed a little bit extra is the busty, curvy Ivana Sejenovich whose entire film career consists of one quick moment in one movie, but what a moment in a great movie it was. In what would be her only on screen appearance, Ivana plays a model in Julie Taymor's Oscar winning Frida Kahlo biopic Frida (2002). There's plenty of freeing da titties in the movie, including our favorite scene. When the boobtastic Salma Hayek enters the room, Ivana is lying on her side posing fully nude for Alfred Molina’s Diego Rivera. You will be handling the thick paintbrush in your pants as you check out her monstrous melons and hint of furburgerage as Ivana shows off all of her sexy curves while relaxing on the table. Then the camera pans over and we see the painting of her that Diego was working on. Senor Rivera was a realist painter, who apparently appreciated real big titties. He wasn't an impressionist, but that shot will leave quite an impression on you. While we wana see more, Ivana's entire film career can be summed up in just those few seconds. But it is a glorious, boob-o-licous few seconds of bare body parts that will give you a throbbing interest in the fine arts!