Time To Spend The Weekend Looking At Sexy Léa Seydoux Pics

So, I have a serious question to ask. Is Léa Seydoux getting sexier every single time we see her? Honestly, I have been wracking my brain trying to figure this out, but I’m pretty sure she is getting sexier every time we see her.

Am I the only one who has had this thought? I don’t know how often all of you look at incredibly sexy pictures of Léa Seydoux, like these from Louis Vuitton, but I see a lot of Léa Seydoux and I really think she’s just getting sexier and sexier and sexier. It can’t just be the photographer or the lighting or the black mesh see-through sweater that makes Léa Seydoux seem hotter than the last time. It has to be her, right? She has to be getting hotter and hotter, right? Though, I guess the only real way to figure it out is to look at all of her pictures from 2016 and re-watch Blue is the Warmest Colorfor comparison. I know that sounds like a lot of work, but really it would be a labor of love. The only way to really find out the answer is to do the work.

So, it appears that my weekend is now full. I’ll do my best to figure out if Léa Seydoux is, in fact, getting sexier and sexier. Though there is always a chance I might not find an answer, but damn it, I’m still going to look at as many sexy Léa Seydoux pictures from 2016 as I can find!