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Ironclad: Battle for Blood

Ironclad: Battle for Blood (2014)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Ironclad: Battle for Blood(2014) is the sequel to the 2011 British film Ironclad, and follows the continuing adventures of Guy (Tom Austen), a former soldier haunted by the atrocities he committed in battle. He is also tormented by his strong feelings for his cousin Kate (Roxanne McKee), and decides to channel his demons by helping to defend Rochester Castle against an onslaught from an evil Celtic tribe.  Surprisingly, there is some sensational skin in the film! At the 26 minute mark, we get a nice look at Jelena Skiljevic's breasts as she lays topless in bed, and then at the 47 minute mark we see Twinnie-Lee Moore is wearing no top but looks like her hair is covering her chest. We get some side right boob as she gets up on a guy but looks like she is wearing some type of covering during the act, but we do see a couple shots of right nipple from the side. Ironclad will make you ready for battle!