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Invasion of Alien Bikini

Invasion of Alien Bikini (2011)

No Nudity


Ha Eun-jung (0:32) Ha Eun-jung strips down to her bra. As the guy she is with plays with some blocks on the floor we see her skirt fall and then we get a close-up of her legs and panties as she approaches him. He then grabs her and throws her down onto the couch. We cut away briefly from them but the scene continues with her in bra and panties with him on the couch. Then when he can't deliver she grabs him with her spinal cord. - (0:37) The earlier scene continues with Ha Eun-jung still in her bra and panties but now with the guy all tied up. She will remain in the underwear for pretty much the rest of the film and eventually gets bloodied up starting around the 58-minute mark.