Trick or treat!? Let’s be honest, when it comes to Ersties, it was only ever going to be a treat. A great big sexual fuckfest of a treat! Your new favorite porn producers are known for thinking outside the box, and their Sexual Fantasy series is the epitome of this! They invite anyone to write in with their sexual fantasy, and if it ticks the boxes marked (1) Hot as fuck and (2) Legal, then they make it happen.  

So when Ersties received an email from a gorgeous amateur named Lindsey detailing her sexual fantasy (complete with a Halloween twist), their latest episode was a go! Here’s the fantasy she wanted to have made into reality:  

Dear Ersties,  

My mystical sexual fantasy is that I come home from a night out, and waiting for me are two demonesque red-eyed goblin-like creatures. They grab me, throw me onto the bed and tie me down, making me lose control until I squirt all over the sheets! Fingers crossed you can make this happen!  




Ok, whatever floats your boat! A demonized threesome with some of the most intense fucking we’ve seen in ages (complete with squirting!) means the only screaming this Halloween shoot induced was the sweet sound of orgasmic bliss!   

Ersties seem to have a proven track record of this kind of magic. We also covered the previous episode of their Sexual Fantasy series, be sure to view that here! For more madness from your new favorite Porn Producers, plus the completely uncut and uncensored version of this episode, click here to check out Ersties!