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In Your Arms

In Your Arms (2015)

Brief Nudity


(0:03) Lisa Carlehed standing in her apartment in her panties.(0:19) Bush on Lisa Carlehed as she lies on the couch bottomless after the guy picks up and leaves.(0:40) We go into a red-tinted club where several dancers are stripping. We see a GIRL walk across the hall with her breasts exposed. Then the guy in a wheelchair gets treated to a show from Heidi Holm who shows her breastsbuns and bush for him.(0:43) Lisa Carlehed is standing up in the bathroom. At first her breasts are obscured by her hair but then we gets several looks including a pan down from her breasts to her bush and then one from the side as she shows her buns.(0:46) Lisa Carlehed is screwed up against a wall but we only see her leg from a distance.(1:11) Lisa Carlehed is standing in her panties.(1:23) Lisa Carlehed walks into a lake nude. We see her buns and right breast from the side. A quick shot of breasts as she starts to walk out right before the film ends.