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In China They Eat Dogs

In China They Eat Dogs (1999)

Brief Nudity

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Just because a fellow starts out as an honest man doesn’t guarantee that he will end up that way. The bank clerk protagonist of In China They Eat Dogs (1999) begins the film as a hero, foiling a robbery of his savings-and-loan branch by using a squash racket to incapacitate the criminal element. Of course, any contact with the lawless dregs of society--even the fleeting interaction of clunking one on the skull--can lead to contamination. The honest and honorable bank clerk soon finds himself in league with an incorrigible thief, planning a heist that will spiral into a bloody laugh riot of black humor and social satire. And, yes, a woman of cunningly compromised virtue inspires the clerk’s first steps along the treacherous path to total corruption.