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I Love You to Death (2013)

No Nudity

(0:00) Cleavage on Shannon O’Dowd in blue dress.(0:09) Some inner cleavage on a dead Shannon O’Dowd sitting at the table.(0:16) Cleavage on Shannon O’Dowd lying in bed dead in her nightgown.(0:17) VAMPIRES in white lingerie.(0:18) Quick shot of Shannon O’Dowd in bra and panties being shot.(0:20) Legs on Shannon O’Dowd in her robe and nightgown being placed dead at the dinner table.(0:43) More of the VAMPIRES in their lingerie walking through the house.(0:50) Really nice cleavage on Shannon O’Dowd in bed in a nightgown that then morphs into Maggie Vandenberghe in bed in the same nightgown.(0:53) Shannon O’Dowd gets out of bed in her bra and panties having been caught by her husband in bed with another guy.(0:54) VAMPIRES in lingerie.

Shannon O'Dowd

Lily Foster


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